• It all begins with a shoot...

  • It all begins with a shoot...

  • hands like branches created me...

  • with feeling, experience, passion...

  • I will take shape, colour, flavour.

  • Here I rest and come to life...

  • ready to reveal the stories the land has to tell.

  • Come and discover me...

In the prestigious land of the Langa, winemaker Angelo Torrielli has created a line of wines, sparkling wines and grappas showing terroir in its truest form for FRANCESCO SCANAVINO &C., a small winery producing particular wines from varieties which are native to Langa, Roero and Monferrato.

We have prepared for you unique wines...

... They are grown on small plots where we have been selecting the vines for years, tending the vineyards, thinning the clusters to produce the highest quality, and delivering the riches of the harvest to the winery.
We have followed the wines through all the steps in their vinification, the maturing in pressure tanks,  the ageing in casks and barriques, the selection of corks and bottles, and finally their bottling and cellaring.
We owe a great deal to winemaker Angelo Torrielli, who recommended the vineyard, and above-all the vigneron and the cellarman.
Without his guidance, experience and passion for saving typical character, we would never have set out on this adventure.
Today you can uncork these wines: unique products that will remind you of flavours and aromas which are hard to come by, telling part of a story pursuing excellence, guided by tradition and terroir.

Thank you and .... Salute!

Where we are

Our winery is located in the Scorrone district of Cossano Belbo, a pretty, small village in Langa whose history is related in the books of Pavese and Fenoglio. Here the vine holds sway, and the grapes grown in what tends to be a dryish climate are unquestionably of the highest quality. This is where FRANCESCO SCANAVINO's range of 12 products -including the finest D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines in Piedmont -is produced amidst ever- changing, picturesque landscapes.


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